Hom Kandel – Scientist

Dr. Hom Kandel traveled halfway around the globe — more than 8,100 miles — to get the doctoral education he so desired.

Born in Nepal, Kandel received his bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics in his home country and a master’s in physics from Western Illinois University before choosing UALR to complete his studies.

He is now a Post-doctoral Research Scientist at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) at Florida State University, where he has developed new insulating material for the next generation of powerful MRI machines in hospitals.

Kandel completed his doctorate in applied physics in December 2010. He was drawn to the UALR program because of its multidisciplinary approach.

“It was exactly what I was looking for,” said Kandel, who in 2009 was named one of the Top 20 young researchers in the nation by the Department of Defense. “The program was anchored by very dedicated and supportive faculty members.”

The program allowed him the flexibliity to conduct reseach in such areas as condensed matter physics, materials science and engineering, and nanotechnology. It was in those last two fields that he worked to develop a new insulating material, which led him to NHMFL and a $9 million National Science Foundation grant.

“At UALR, I learned many cutting-edge scientific techniques and earned my life’s most rewarding degree,” he said. “The knowledge and the specific skills that I gained at UALR helped me to land my current job.”

At UALR, Kandel found more than a laboratory for his research.

“I came to the UALR because of its capital city location and a caring and supportive learning environment,” he said. “You will always get a warm welcome from students, faculty, and administration. I am very proud to call myself a UALR alum.”


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