Tifany Hamlin – Analyst

Business analyst Tifany Hamlin graduated from UALR in 2006 with a degree in speech communication.

But while it might be expected that her choice of major contributed to her career development, Hamlin says it was her decision to minor in information technology that specifically prepared her for new roles in large multi-national corporations.

In the world of globalization, information technology (IT) has had a major impact on most business sectors and plays an important role in the effective management and running of a company.

Hamlin says because of the information technology minor at UALR, she has been able to fill the gap between the business and technology worlds by speaking “both languages.”

“Being able to work in both worlds, including certain mission-critical business areas as well as the IT solutions that support them, is a valuable skill set that few have in today’s workforce,” acknowledged Hamlin.

Hamlin has been a business analyst for almost five years, first at Curves’ worldwide franchise headquarters in Texas and now at Acxiom, headquartered in Little Rock.

“The foundation I received at UALR allowed me to enter the master’s program at Baylor University in Texas – and in 2012 I graduated from Baylor with my MBA,” she said.

Hamlin is also an entrepreneur launching a software-as-a-service company named eZdiscovery Solutions, which provides support for attorneys searching large amounts of electronically stored information necessary for litigation.

“I never imagined at the beginning of my educational career that I would eventually earn a master’s degree!”

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