Marilyn Breaux – Analyst

Marilyn Breaux says the great job she landed at Windstream Corp.–the advanced network communications firm based in Little Rock–was thanks to UALR’s MBA program.

According to Breaux, earning an MBA demonstrated her deeper understanding of business principles, but it was her UALR experiences–including research projects, study abroad opportunities, and networking events–that supplied practical applications in the business world and prepared her for the tasks her position requires.

In addition to the program’s curriculum, Breaux said the real value of UALR’s MBA program was the ability to develop relationships with faculty and administrators.

“The majority of professors are field experts who are sincerely interested in advancing and developing students,” she said.

Breaux worked as a graduate assistant on an independent study project that honed the research skills she still uses today. Another professor in the business department was instrumental in providing a job recommendation and with whom she still meets regularly to catch up over lunch or coffee.

“I would tell any student that no matter what you are interested in pursuing, opportunities exist and all you have to do is decide to take advantage of them,” Breaux said.

“I can confidently say that getting my MBA at UALR and taking advantage of opportunities the UALR community provides has made all the difference in my career.”

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