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EPAF Support


This is where you will find the majority of the forms associated with EPAFs and its process.

Banner Database Access Form - used to gain access to Banner for creating and/or approving EPAFs

Position Number/Reclassification Form - used to request or reclassify a position number

Request for Budget Transfer Form - used to request transfer of budget dollars

Trojan Identification Number Request Form - also referred to an the T Number request form is used to rerquest a T number for new employees.

Preliminary Work Flow Form - used to help identify all the necessary information needed to begin the creation of an EPAF.

Preliminary Work Flow Flow Chart - This is the flow chart identifying the process for identifying the information needed to create an EPAF.

Department of Human Resources Paperwork List - This is a check list of all the information the Department of Human Resources need to process a new employee into the UALR system.

Updated 12.9.2013