Dr. Jinxiang Xi

Dr. Xi has authored / co-authored 2 book chapters. One has been published this year and the other is in press

1.  J. Xi, P. W. Longest, and P. J. Anderson, 2010, “Respiratory Aerosol Dynamics with Applications to Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery,” in Colloids in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Applications, Monzer Fanun (ed.), WIT Press, Ashurst, UK, 501-526.

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2.  P. W. Longest and J. Xi, 2010, “Evaluation of Continuous and Discrete Phase Models for Simulating Submicoonmenter Aerosols Transport and Deposition,” in Advances in Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, R. Amano and B. Sunden (ed.), WIT Press, Ashurst, UK, in press