Chair’s Message


Dr. Gary Anderson

Welcome to the Department of Systems Engineering. At UALR, we offer a unique program that combines the big-picture focus of systems engineering with the traditional, detail-oriented fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. Yes, we do design original devices using the latest technology, but we do so with the big picture in mind. The disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering remain vital for tackling the problems of today. At the same time, the tools that underpin systems engineering are increasingly needed to solve the complex problems facing 21st century society. These tools include risk management, lifecycle design, optimization and systems simulation techniques. If you yearn to work with cutting edge technology, crave tackling important problems and desire to make a difference for the better in society, I invite you to check out our program.  Some of the features include:

  • An interdisciplinary approach to engineering
  • Opportunities for undergraduate research
  • Internship opportunities for students
  • Excellent facilities
  • Small class size
  • ABET accredited program in one of the fastest growing engineering fields
  • A strong faculty

If you think the unique, forward-looking approach to engineering offered at UALR might be for you, please get in contact with us – come by to visit, call or email me for more information.

Gary Anderson, PhD
Professor and Department Chair