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Teaching Academy

Teaching Articles

Compiled here are great articles written for our newsletter, by our colleagues, or just of interest to us about teaching and teaching philosophy.

Julien Mirivel’s The Challenge of Teaching

Teachers and students must overcome the same problem. In order to grow, and to learn, they must
be courageous. The virtue of courage is one that easily appeals to our sentiments, but it is certainly harder to
be courageous than to think it is valuable, desirable, or honorable. In this short essay, I suggest that learning is an act of courage and that teachers must nurture their own as well as students’ ability to be courageous. Click to read more

Student Essay Freire’s Educational Solution to the Problem of Oppression

In The True Believer, Eric Hoffer posed a serious problem that has haunted mankind since its
origins. His intense quandary highlighted the fact that mass movements have been the major
transforming force in society. Click to read more

Updated 3.19.2009