Disclosing Your Invention


The chart describes the process that our office has for the timely processing, evaluation, and review of an invention disclosure submission.
We strive to be on par with the best practices of other technology transfer offices.

We will strive to review your disclosure in less then 120 days.

Disclosing your invention:

  1. You and your co-inventors (if applicable) need to fill out the UALR Invention Disclosure Form (Or The Paper Form) to the best of your abilities. The more complete this form is, the faster will the processing time be.   
  2. If you would like to get the disclosure notarized by a notary public. A list of on-campus notaries public is available here. However it is not necessary
  3. Bring or email a signed copy of the disclosure to UALR TechLaunch (ETAS 105) or innovation@ualr.edu
  4. TechLaunch Staff will confirm receipt of your disclosure and conduct an analysis report. This report will be conducted by one of our GAs and will include a report on the technical, patentability, and marketability of your invention. Again, the more complete your initial disclosure is, the faster it will take to complete such report.
  5. TechLaunch staff will reach a decision:
    • If the decision is to pursue patent protection, TechLaunch staff will proceed with filing with the patent on the same or next day after the decision is made
    • If the decision is that further research/development is needed, TechLaunch will work with the inventor to identify steps that strengthens the patentability/marketablity of the invention
    • If the decision is that UALR cannot commit to the prosecution of the invention, steps will be taken to return the rights of the invention to the inventor(s). The Inventor(s) can then decide to pursue patent prosecution on their own.