Steve Jennings, Ph.D.

Professor of Information Science

Director of Bioinformatics Program

Dr. Steve Jennings

Dr. Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings joined the Computer Science faculty at Colorado State University in 1980 shortly before he received his PhD in Computer Science from Iowa State University. After three years, he surrendered to industry enticements and spent nineteen years developing software and managing all aspects of software businesses. During this time,

  • he was a charter member of the IEEE committee that developed the POSIX standard for the UNIX operating system,
  • he managed development of the networking software for the International Space Station, and
  • he consulted for various small companies and several Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Kodak, U S WEST, and American Express.

Over these years, Steve has held senior management positions in the development of specialized systems software, software for medical devices, internet websites, and embedded software for mobile devices as well as in the not-for-profit social services sector. He received his MBA degree in 1991 through the Executive Programs of the University of Colorado, Denver.

Steve joined the faculty of the Applied Science Department at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in May, 2002, to pursue his interests further in bioinformatics, distributed and parallel systems, technical infrastructure, software systems architecture, and software engineering practices. He transferred into the Information Science Department in July, 2006. He is the Program Director for the Joint Graduate Program in Bioinformatics with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the Executive Director of the MidSouth Bioinformatics Center. In 2002, he founded and served as the first President of the MidSouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society.