Advanced Placement (AP)

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AP Bulletin for AP Students and Parents

AP Program Guide

AP exams contain both multiple choice and free response questions that require essay writing and problem solving. These exams are available to students who take AP courses in high school.

If you are NOT in high school, but are interested in taking AP tests, contact AP Services for Students to get the names and phone numbers of local, participating AP Coordinators who have indicated a willingness to test outside students.

Score Reports

If you took an AP test in high school, you should have your scores sent to UALR for evaluation. Contact the College Board AP to request that your scores be sent to UALR.

Four years after your most recent AP Exam, your AP scores are removed from College Board’s AP online score reporting system and archived. Complete the Archived AP Scores Request Form (.pdf/72KB), and mail or fax it to AP Services. The fee is $25 per college. Archived AP Score Reports are mailed via first-class mail 15 business days after AP Services receives the request, and a confirmation copy will be sent to your home address.

UALR Credit

UALR awards some sort of placement, exemption, or credit for every AP test score of 3 or higher.

A score of 2 can be used for placement or exemption in some cases. Consult the table below for complete information.

Studio Art: Drawing 3 ARST 1310, Basic Drawing
Studio Art: 2-D Design 3 ARST 1315, Two-Dimensional Design
Studio Art: 3-D Design 3 ARST 2315, Three-Dimensional Design
Art History 5 ARHA 2310 and 2311, Survey of the History of Art I and II
“ 4 ARHA 2310 and 2311, but must complete an additional 3 hours in upper-level art history
“ 3 Exempt from ARHA 2310, but must complete ARHA 2311 and an additional 3 hours in upper-level art history
Biology 3 BIOL 1401, Science of Biology
Environmental Science 3 ENHS 2320, Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences
Chemistry 5 CHEM 1400, Fundamental Chemistry I, or 1402, General Chemistry I, and CHEM 1403, General Chemistry II
“ 4 CHEM 1400, or 1402
“ 3 Exempt from CHEM 1300, Preparation for General Chemistry; eligible to enroll in CHEM 1402
Computer Science
Computer Science A 3 CPSC 1375, Programming I
Computer Science AB 3 CPSC 1375 and 2376, Programming I and II
Macroeconomics 3 ECON 2323, Principles of Macroeconomics
Microeconomics 3 ECON 2322, Principles of Microeconomics
English/Rhetoric and Writing
English Language and Composition 3 RHET 1311, Composition I
English Literature and Composition 4 ENGL 2335, Introduction to Literature, Exempt from RHET 1311 and invited to enroll in RHET 1320, Honors Composition
Foreign Languages and Literature
Chinese Language and Culture 3 CHIN 1311, CHIN 1312, and CHIN 2311, Elementary Chinese I, II, and Intermediate Chinese
French Language 3 FREN 1311, 1312 and 2311, Elementary French I, II, and Intermediate French I
French Literature 3 FREN 3332, Introduction to French Literature
German Language 3 GERM 1311, 1312, and 2311, Elementary German I, II, and
Intermediate German I
Japanese Language and Culture 3 LANG 1311, LANG 1312, and LANG 2311, Elementary Language I, II, and Intermediate Language I
Latin — Literature 3 CLNG 2301 and 2302, Intermediate Classical Language I, and II
Latin — Vergil 3 CLNG 1311 and 1312
Spanish Language 3 SPAN 1311, 1312, and 2311, Elementary Spanish I, II, and
Intermediate Spanish I
Spanish Literature 3 SPAN 3332, Introduction to Spanish Literature
Human Geography 3 GEOG 2312, Cultural Geography
European History 3 HIST 1311 and 1312, History of Civilization I and II
U.S. History 3 HIST 2311 and 2312, U.S. History I and II
World History 3 HIST 1311 and 1312, History of Civilization I and II
Calculus AB 3 MATH 1451, Calculus I
“ 2 Eligible to enroll in MATH 1452. If final grade is B or better, credit will be awarded for MATH 1451.
Calculus BC 4 MATH 1451 and 1452, Calculus I and II
“ 3 MATH 1451. Eligible to enroll in MATH 2453, Calculus III. If final grade is B or better, credit will be awarded for MATH 1452.
“ 2 Eligible to enroll in MATH 1452. If final grade is B or better, credit will be awarded for MATH 1451.
Calculus BC “AB Subscore” Same as Calculus AB. Same as Calculus AB.
Statistics 3 STAT 2350, Introduction to Statistical Methods
Music Theory 3 MUTH 1310, Music Fundamentals
Physics B 3 PHYS 1321 and 1322, Elementary Physics I and II
Physics C — Mechanics 3 PHYS 2321, Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
Physics C — Electricity and Magnetism 3 PHYS 2322, Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
Political Science
Comparative Government and Politics 3 POLS 2301, Introduction to Political Science
U.S. Government and Politics 3 POLS 1310, American National Government
Psychology 4 PSYC 2300, Psychology and the Human Experience
“ 3 Eligible to enroll in PSYC 3320, Introduction to Applied Psychology.
If final grade is B or better, credit will be awarded for PSYC 2300.

AP Scoring

Advanced Placement examination grades are reported on a five-point scale as follows:

5 = Extremely well qualified
4 = Well qualified
3 = Qualified
2 = Possibly qualified
1 = No recommendation

Scores are reported in early July.

AP Test Schedule and Registration

Please visit the College Board’s AP website for registration information and exam dates.