Departmental Exam Program (DEPT)

DEPT exams are usually constructed and graded on campus. Most vary from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length, and may include objective questions, essay questions, and/or skills tests.

DEPT test registration

The deadline to submit your DEPT Registration form, test fee, and payment is one week prior to the test date.

The process begins in Testing Services, located in the Student Services Center room 315.

  1. Ask for and complete a DEPT Registration form.
    • Three forms are required: DEPT Registration form, Test Fee Payment Request, and Admission Ticket.
  2. Take the registration form to the appropriate department for approval and signature of the department chairperson or designee.
    • Math DEPTs do not require approval or a signature.
    • Ask for a test study guide while in the department.
  3. Arrange a test date and time.
  4. Return your completed DEPT registration form to Testing Services.
  5. Ask a Testing staff person for a “Test Fee Payment Request” form. Testing personnel will help you complete the form
  6. Submit you test fee payment and form to the Cashier’s Office on the first floor of the SSC. Be sure to obtain a receipt for your payment because you will have to present it to Testing Services.
  7. Return to Testing Services. Present your signed DEPT registration form, and your “Test Fee Payment Request” form with the receipt attached.
  8. Ask for an admission ticket. Testing personnel will complete the form.
  9. On your appointment date, you will present your admission ticket along with an acceptable government issued photo ID.

UA Little Rock policy

Take note that some DEPT tests may be taken only once, while others may be re-taken after a specified time period.

Test Title Required Score Credit Awarded How often one may take the exam Test Dates Testing Location
Accounting n/a n/a n/a By appointment Accounting Dept
Applied Communication
Consists of a written test and a speech presented to faculty. Request additional information from the department.
Intro to Communication 80% ACOM 1300, Intro to Communication May repeat on next scheduled cycle of exams Friday before classes begin each semester Applied Communication
Consists of a test and two written art critiques. Request additional information from department.
Introduction to Visual Arts 70% ARHA 2305, Introduction to Visual Art Once only March 1. Fourth Friday after beginning of fall and spring semesters. Art Dept
Introduction to Astronomy 70% ASTR 1301, Introduction to Astronomy May repeat on next scheduled cycle of tests Scheduled cycle according to dept Astronomy Dept
Introduction to Astronomy Lab 70% ASTR 1101, Introduction to Astronomy Lab
Business Information Systems
Introduction to Astronomy 70% MGMT 1310, Fundamentals of Information Technology n/a Scheduled cycle according to dept Business Information Systems Dept
Fundamental Chemistry I 55% CHEM 1400, Fundamental Chemistry I Once only By appointment Testing Services
General Chemistry I 56% CHEM 1402, General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II 56% CHEM 1403, General Chemistry II
Computer Science
Discuss your options with the chairperson of Computer Science. Make sure the class you are interested in is actually a CPSC course. For example, Fundamentals of Information Technology is a management course.
Discuss your options with the chairperson of Engineering.
Leisure Science
Golf 80% LESC 1117, Beginning Golf Department chair approval required According to department schedule Leisure Science Dept
Swimming 80% LESC 1105, Beginning Swimming
Tennis 80% LESC 1116, Beginning Tennis
Gender Studies 70% GNST 2300, Gender Studies Unknown Unknown
Advanced Keyboarding n/a n/a n/a n/a Not accepted for credit
Principles of Word Processing n/a n/a n/a n/a Not accepted for credit
Business Calculus 70% MATH 1342, Business Calculus Once per semester (fall, spring or summer) Once per semester by appointment Testing Services
Trigonometry 70% MATH 1303, Trigonometry
Aural Skills I 80% MUTH 2192, Aural Skills I Once only By appointment Music Dept
Aural Skills II 80% MUTH 2193, Aural Skills II
Aural Skills III 80% MUTH 3192, Aural Skills III
Introduction to Theory 80% MUTH 1381, Introduction to Theory
Music Fundamentals 70% MUTH 1310, Music Fundamentals
Music Theory I 80% MUTH 2381, Music Theory I
Music Theory II 70% MUED 2391, Music Theory II
Introduction to Music 70% MUHL 2305, Introduction to Music
Public School Music for Elementary Teachers 70% MUED 3332, Public School Music for Elementary Teachers
Physical Concepts (SAT II Subject Test) 51st percentile PHYS 1310, Physical Concepts According to SAT restrictions According to College Board schedule SAT test centers
Sociology and Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology 75% ANTH 2316, Cultural Anthropology Once only By appointment Anthropology Dept
Physical Anthropology 75% ANTH 1415, Physical Anthropology
Theatre and Dance
Consists of a performance attendance and critique, the reading and analysis of a play, and a written exam. Request additional information from the department.
Introduction to Theatre and Dance 70% THEA 2305, Introduction to Theatre and Dance Once only By Appointment Testing Services (test and script analysis)