Distance Education Proctoring Services (DEPS) for Faculty

What is DEPS?

These services are available for online courses only!

Distant education proctoring services provide support to faculty to improve the quality of online course instruction. Since the program is designed for students taking courses in the online environment. we ask that faculty, who have the means and ability to test their own students in a weekly classroom environment, assist us by removing that volume from our small lab.

Please take note of the testing lab hours of operation when considering your exam time frame.



  1. Remote proctoring using Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)
  2. In-person proctoring at the UA Little Rock Testing Services computer lab.
  3. In-person proctoring at another university testing center. This is typically, arranged with a member institution of the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC). These centers adhere to the same professional standards and guidelines of the National College Testing Association as UA Little Rock.

Security features

Services Testing Lab RPnow CCTC
ID verification X X X
Secure test materials X X X
On site personnel to assist with questions X X
Online chat and phone technical assistance 24/7 X
Record video X X varies by center
Record audio X X
Screen viewing technology X X
Ability to proctor Blackboard exams X X
Flat rate proctoring fee Free for UA Little Rock students

$30 non-UA Little Rock
Free and available only to UA Little Rock students

How to set-up your class for DEPS and exam submission

Exam set-up

  1. Create your exam or upload your question bank into the online course delivery system for your class:
  2. Review the information you have entered.

Exam submission to Testing Services

The deadline for a request submission is 14 working days PRIOR to the first test date.

Accommodated exam requests involve a different procedure. Please refer to the “Faculty Accommodated Testing Proctor Requests“.

  1. If you do not have an account in the “Professor Module” of Register Blast, you must create one. This module has replaced Jotform, but is just as easy to use.
    • Go to the “Professor Module
    • Enter your first name and last name
    • Enter your email address
    • Create a password and confirm the password
    • Click the “enroll” button to complete the process
  2. Login to your account to begin your request.
  3. Enter the criteria you want Testing Services to follow such as the date and time your exam will begin and end, your complete contact information, course name, course acronym, number, section number, etc.
    • Be sure to check Testing Services’ hours of operation before designating the time frame within which your students must test.
  4. Enter the criteria students must follow such as whether or not they may use remote proctoring, another testing center, a calculator, the calculator model/type, open book, notes, if testing personnel must collect and shred notes or send them back to you, if only one note card is permitted, scratch paper, etc.
  5. Upload your exam, if applicable, along with other reference materials such as a periodic table, formula sheet, etc.
  6. Submit.
  7. Inform your students of their options.
  8. Faculty must not make appointments for students.

If you encounter any difficulties, you may contact Testing Services, 501.569.3198


Faculty must not make appointments for students.

  • Accommodated students will be contacted by the accommodations coordinator after your test administration request has been received in Testing Services.
  • Students who do not require accommodation and elect to test in the Testing Services’ lab, should make their appointment online or by entering the URL ualr.at/exam.
  • Students who desire to test remotely, must call Testing Services at 501.569.3198 to schedule an appointment. They must not use the online scheduler. Remote testing utilizes a completely different system, access, and process. Please direct students to contact Testing Services with questions.

Accommodated testing requests

Test proctoring requests must be received at least 14 business days prior to the start date of the exam.

Testing Services will help facilitate accommodated testing for students. Faculty should follow the instructions on the Faculty Accommodated Testing Proctor Requests page.

Accommodation information and policies

Testing Services accommodation contact:

    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Testing Services
    2801 South University Avenue
    Student Services Center, room 315
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

    501.569.8096 (Fax)
    acctest@ualr.edu (Email for use by faculty and accommodated students only.)

Disability Resource Center contact:

Remote proctoring

Remote proctoring is available only for UA Little Rock faculty and students.

UA Little Rock uses the online service Remote Proctor Now, (RPNow) to provide educators and students, in distance learning environments, with an on-demand, convenient, and easy to use testing alternative. Students may take exams 24/7, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer, webcam, microphone, and an internet connection.

A RPnow site has been created specifically for UA Little Rock. For more information, please refer to Testing Services’ “Remote Proctoring” page.


    Testing Services
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    2801 South University Avenue
    Student Services Center, room 315
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

    501.569.8096 (Fax)