Distance Education Proctoring Services (DEPS) for UALR Students

UALR Testing Services serves as a testing center for students taking courses at UALR. Each instructor determines how their exams will be proctored.

Testing Options:

    I.) Remote Proctoring

      Remote proctoring is a software solution that delivers on-demand, proctored exams that enable students to test online, anytime, anywhere, with integrity. Your professor determines whether or not this is an appropriate option for your course.

    II.) Test on Campus in the UALR Testing Services Computer Lab:

    1. Schedule an appointment through our online scheduler. You may also call 501.569.3198 for assistance.
    2. What to bring on your scheduled test date:
      • Official photo ID with your current legal name.
      • Testing fee(s).
          When you schedule an appointment online with UALR, you submit your fee at the time of registration so none will be required on your test day. If, however, you experience an anomaly and do have to submit payment directly to UALR Testing on your appointment day, we accept VISA, MasterCard, money order, and personal check. Cash is never acceptable.
      • Items approved by your instructor.
          For example, some tests are open book, permit the use of a dictionary, calculator, or notes. It is UALR Testing Services’ policy to collect and shred hand-written notes while typed notes may be returned to you if your instructor permits.
          Information regarding permitted items should be included in your course syllabus. If you have questions, contact your instructor prior to you test date.
          UALR Testing Services cannot permit you to use any such items unless approved by your instructor. UALR Testing Services will not provide these additional materials.
    3. Prohibited Items and Recommendations.
      • You are responsible for checking the above link for a complete list of prohibited items. Please be aware that unsupervised children are not permitted.
    4. After You Have Completed Your Exam:
      • Your test will be returned to your instructor in the manner they have requested. Scoring will not be done by Testing Services staff.
    5. Contact Your Professor if:
      1. You have questions regarding the format or content of your test.
      2. You need information on receiving grades. UALR Testing Services does not score your test nor receive your grades.
      3. You have questions about make-up exams or testing outside of the testing window.

    III.) If You Want to Test at Another Center:

    1. Search the NCTA Consortium of College Testing Centers for a testing center near you. If you are unable to find a testing center within a reasonable distance, please contact UALR Testing Services for acceptable proctor options.
    2. Print out the DEPS Proctor Agreement form and have it completed by the Testing Center you have selected.
    3. Fax the form to UALR Testing Services at 501.569.8096.
    4. Once the proctor has been verified, you will be able to take all of your UALR exams at the center you have selected. NOTE: Fees and amenities vary by center. This charge is your responsibility. Please verify the center’s proctoring fees before agreeing to test with another site.