Distance Education Proctoring Services (DEPS)

DEPS for UA Little Rock Students

DEPS for non-UA Little Rock Students

DEPS for Faculty

Be aware that appointment availability varies:

  1. Plan ahead. Do not wait until the last moment to try to schedule your appointment only to find the date you want is not available. We typically administer over 700 exams per month so time and space is at a premium.
  2. If you are having a test “overnighted” to us, be aware that such deliveries are made to our mailroom and not directly to our office. Therefore, we may not receive your test until the next afternoon.
  3. On Occasion, we have so many proctoring requests from examinees who want to test at one time that we cannot accommodate them all.
  4. During our peak periods (at the beginning and end of each semester, for example), we have many students trying to test. Our scheduling is much more flexible outside of these peak periods.
  5. Testing programs sometimes require so many seats in the lab that they prevent us from offering proctoring services.
  6. Holidays and Commencement require the closure of the lab.
  7. Sometimes we must block-out certain dates due to staff availability.