Excelsior College Examinations (ECE)

Most ECE exams are 3-hour tests. They are administered via computer at Pearson VUE Testing Centers.

Excelsior College was formerly called Regents College. Several years ago, these tests were called ACT-PEP (Proficiency Examination Program) exams. In the changes over the years, scoring methods and cutoff scores have varied. If you tested several years ago and need assistance in interpreting your scores correctly, contact the Director of Testing Services.

The following exams are accepted for credit at UALR.

Anatomy and Physiology “C” BIOL 1411, Anatomy and Physiology I and BIOL 1412, Anatomy and Physiology II
Ethics Theory and Practice “C” PHIL 2320, Ethics and Society
Foundations of Gerontology “C” GERO 2300, Introduction to Aging and the Elderly (NOTE: This test may not be used to substitute for a grade of “F” received in the course.)
Fundamentals of Nursing “C” NURS 1300, Essential Nursing Skills and NURS 1805, Adult Nursing I
Religions of the World “C” RELS 2305, Religious World Views
Statistics “C” STAT 4350, Statistical Methods

ECE Test Schedule and Registration

Exams are scheduled throughout the year. Call 1-888-RCEXAMS or visit the Excelsior College’s website.

Test Fee

Varies by test. Check Excelsior’s credit-by-exam for current fees.

Obtaining Credit

If you have already taken an Excelsior College/Regents College/ACT-PEP test but did not have the scores sent to UALR, contact Excelsior College at 1-888-RCEXAMS to request that your scores be sent directly to UALR Testing Services.