Student Profile and Program Summary Reports

Testing Services is no longer able to accept data requests.  Please contact the Office of Institutional Research for data needs.

African American Male Initiative, 2009-2010 corrected March 7, 2012

Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, 2008-2012

Freshman Class Profile, 2010-2011

Freshman Class Profile, 2011-2012

Retention and Attrition Report, 2005-2009

Retention and Attrition, 2006-2010

Summer Bridge Academy, 2013

Student Learning Progress Model, 2001-2011

Transfer Feeder: College, 2006-2010

Report Printing How To:

  1. Paper size: Legal (8 1/2″ x 14″)
  2. Page orientation: Landscape
  3. Printing: Both sides (front and back)
  4. Booklet: After printing, the page should be folded in half along the imaginary vertical page line. If the report consists of two pages, place one page on top of the other. Review the page layout to make sure the pages will be in numerical order before folding or stapling.
  5. Binding: A long-neck stapler was used to staple the original reports in the middle; one staple approximately one-quarter down from the top and another one-quarter distance from the bottom of the report. This inexpensive, specialized, stapler can be purchased from any office supply vendor.
  6. Fold: Fold the report in the middle, which will also be along the stapled line.
  7. Trimming: Some report covers have designs that “bleed” off of the page. Since printers cannot print to the edge of a piece of paper, they leave a margin around the outside. To make the report more pleasing to the eye, one should trim these margins with a paper cutter. Trimming should be done after the report is stapled, and folded.