Prov State of Arkansas Electrical Examining Board Examinations Candidate Information Bulletin

Prov develops and administers online and paper/pencil examinations for construction industry licensing and certification.

The Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners

The Arkansas Division of Labor, in conjunction with the Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners (BOEE), oversees the licensing process for electricians. The Board has contracted with Prov, Inc. to develop, and administer their licensing examination program.

Arkansas law requires state licensing for each individual who is an electrician, or who is engaged in electrical work, or who uses any title, sign, card, advertisement or other device to indicate that they are engaged in electrical work.

To become licensed, you must first complete the appropriate application with the Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners. Applications are posted online at the Board’s website. Once you have been approved for testing, the Board will notify you that you are eligible to contact Prov to schedule your examination. You will be eligible to take the exam for six (6) months.

Prov is not authorized to make the determination regarding which examination(s) candidates must take. If you are unsure which exam is needed for the license being sought, resolve this question before scheduling. If you have questions regarding which exam(s) to take, you must call the Board at 501.682.4549.

Licensing Questions

Arkansas BOEE
10421 West Markham St.
Little Rock, AR 72205

501.682.1765 (Fax)
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Testing Questions

13614 Progress Blvd.
Alachua, FL 32615

386.518.6419 (Fax)
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Prohibited Items

  • National Electrical Code with Commentary 2011
  • Reference materials having the following violations are not permitted in the testing room until the issue is corrected by the examinee which may require completely removing pages:
    1. Handwritten notes in any portion of the book
    2. Moveable tabs
    3. Post-it-notes
    4. Items not originally included from the publisher such as self-printed pages, indexes, charts, stickers, or formulas.
  • “Tom Henry” or “Kelly Index” are not permitted
  • PDAs, cell phones or other special calculators (i.e. ElectriCalc, etc.) are NOT permitted.
  • Cameras, recorders, cell phones or other communication devices are NOT allowed in the testing room.
  • Talking is not allowed in the testing room.
  • Neither smoking nor smoking materials are allowed in the testing room. Please note that UALR is a smoke-free campus.

Approved Items

February 1, 2015, the Arkansas Electrical exam will be based on the 2014 National Electrical Code and no longer on the 2011. As always, candidates are permitted to use any edition of a book as long as it has an exact title match. All of the following reference books are permitted:

  • National Electrical Code 2014
  • National Electrical Code 2011
  • National Electrical Code 2009
  • National Electrical Code three-ring binder, but the “Tom Henry” or “Kelly Index” are not permitted.

Additional references may be permitted based on the specific electrical exam one plans to take. Please refer to the candidate bulletin for additional information.

  • Reference materials may be prepared using only highlighting, underlining, and attaching permanent tabs. The examinee will be asked to remove pages that are in violation before being permitted to test. Please refer to the “Prohibited Items” above.
  • Simple 4-function calculator.

Pencils are provided by UALR Testing.