The Ladies Man
By Charles Morey
Freely Translated and Adapted from
Tailleur Pour Dames
By Georges Feydeau
September 30, 2010
October 1-3, 2010
October 7-10, 2010
Directed by
Stacy Pendergraft
Costume Design
Yslan Hicks
Scene Design
William Marshall
Lighting Design
William Marshall
Sound Design
Jim Spencer
Production Stage Manager
Sydney Ippolito


Etienne, Dr. Molineaux’s valet   Rodney Holston
Marie, Molineaux’s maid Holly McPherson
Yvonne Molineaux, Wife to Hercule Erin Anson
Dr. Hercule Molineaux, Huband to Yvonne Aaron Baker
Bassinet, A patient and friend Michael Bartholmey
Madame Aigreville, Yvonne’s mother Carrie Henry
Suzanne Aubin, A patient Lise Strigel
Gustav Aubin, Husband of Suzanne Caleb Colt Carter

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