Timothy M. Lee

Computer Training Specialist

"Chance favors the prepared mind." - L. Pasteur



Timothy Lee is one of the most sought after speakers by Arkansas' small businesses and business organizations. Timothy is reknown for being the most straight forward, plain talking "expert" on electronic commerce, Internet marketing and sales, website development, and electronic data interchange (EDI) in the state of Arkansas. Timothy has presented over 300 seminars, workshops, and talks to Arkansas small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Timothy's first project with the UALR Arkansas SBTDC was the development of a portable notebook computer lab to be used in providing "hands-on" skill training to small businesses. Timothy developed two 3-hour seminars, a 1MB offline Internet simulation, and packaged the entire lab and all accessories into three easy to move containers.

Timothy now presents the following seminars:

Timothy was an early adopter of web-based training (WBT) systems. In 1998, he designed the Arkansas SBTDC's online course "Starting a Business in Arkansas".

In 2001, Timothy was given the challenge of "building" an interactive touch screen kiosk system for use at a trade show for Arkansas state legislators. Timothy created a database driven kiosk using standard HTML technologies. The kiosk provides easy access to legislator and SBTDC data for all 30 state senate districts and 100 state representaive districts.

Timothy is presently the webmaster for UALR's Arkansas SBTDC. The Arkansas SBTDC website has grown under his care to over 5,000 pages with interactive databases, dynamic webpages, online learning and more. He also designed the UALR Arkansas Center for Earthquake Education and Technology Transfer website under a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The earthquake center website is now one of the best websites for information on the New Madrid Fault Zone.

Timothy is a national seminar leader and has presented Internet workshops at state, regional, and national conferences. He is a six time repeat presenter at the Association of Small Business Development Centers fall conference. In 2001, Timothy was recognized by the national Association of Small Business Development Centers as a Star Performer.

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Education and Experience

Timothy holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Workforce Education and Development (WED) from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale (SIU-C). He also has completed Associate degrees in avionics, liberal arts, and disaster preparedness.

Timothy retired from active duty in the United States Air Force in June 1995 at the rank of Master Sergeant. He is an Honor Graduate from three USAF training schools. He is a graduate of the Interservice Nuclear Weapons School's Nuclear Emergency Team Operations (NETOPS) course. He is also a veteran of both Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Where else would you need a man with 14 years of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) warfare defense expertise?

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Community Involvement

Timothy has also been an American Red Cross volunteer for over 30 years. He has taught swimming, life saving, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and disaster assistance courses to hundreds of individuals world-wide. He is currently a Basic Disaster Instructor with the Central Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross. Timothy currently instructs classes in mass care, shelter operations, damage assessment, and emergency assistance to families. After a disaster, you'll likely find Timothy opening a shelter late at night or climbing over downed trees to determine if that was a house or a mobile home destroyed by a tornado.

Timothy is a member of the Arkansas Governor's Earthquake Advisory Council and the Arkansas Disaster Mitigation Council.


Timothy has lived abroad for 13 years in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He is fluent in Italian and functionally literate in Spanish, Greek, Russian, Arabic, and Korean. Consequently, his favorite foods are: taejigogi, kimchi, saganaki, retsina, pizza capriciosa, bracciole, and gnocchi al pomodoro. But, he'll settle for an American pork roast or Subway cold cut sandwich

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