Resources For College Students

The college years are a great time for discovery and exploration. In college, is where you make decisions about your career and educational pursuits that will have a life long impact. It’s also a time when most find that they need as much financial assistance as possible. In this section, we will provide resources for today’s college student who is juggling a class load; maybe working a part time or full time job; and trying to keep their finances in order.

The first step to proper finance in getting a clear view of your spending. On this page, we have included a downloadable PowerPoint presentation from Cash Course that will help you get a better view of how your money is being spent. Download the presentation and review. Print out the worksheets included and take time to write down how you are spending your money. Then look at the presented alternatives to help you save money. The presentation also includes measure to prevent identity theft, and advice on building credit. Download Presentation Below.

Money Management From Cash Course

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