Noyce Scholars Visit NASA!


Amanda Maher, Gary Meyers, Astronaut Sam Durrance, Rachel Smith and Becca Breeding


Amanda, Becca and Rachel as astronauts


Becca, Amanda, Rachel and Gary

Noyce Scholars attended the Exploring Space Conference held at NASA this past summer. The conference began Monday, June 20, at 8 a.m. and ended on Wednesday, June 22, at noon. Sessions included the opportunity for participants to: tour the complex, discuss payload scenarios, strategize for the 2017 solar eclipse, meet the distance learning coordinator for the Kennedy Space Center, meet an astronaunt, experience a shuttle launch simulator and create lesson plans together, with the goal of leaving with enhanced understanding of NASA and space science, as well as classroom applications of integrated STEM learning. Conference participants will share lesson plan ideas with the other Noyce Scholars.