Course Information

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Below is a list of courses required for science and math majors to complete a minor in education.

Currently offered:

IGSC/SCED 1101 Step 1: Inquiry Teaching (FYC) - Prepare, implement and reflect on lessons designed to teach elementary students to obtain and analyze data. (qualifies as a Freshman Experience Course) One credit hour.

IGSC/SCED 1102 Step 2: Inquiry Lesson Design -  Prepare, implement and reflect on lessons aligned with district math and/or science curriculum at the middle/junior high school level. One credit hour.

SCED 3383 Knowing and Learning РExplore the implications of learning theories on individual learning, social (classroom) learning, and within the context of larger social justice issues. Three credit hours.

HIST 4302 Magic, Science, Occult РThis class is a survey of humans’ attempts to explain and control the cosmos from antiquity to the emergence of modern science around 1700, including the contributions of pseudo-scientific, occult, and magical world-views; internal developments in the history of science; and the relationship between scientific thought and the historical context. Dual-listed in the UALR Graduate Catalog as HIST 5302. Three credit hours. (Offered during SPRING Only)

Beginning in Summer 2014

IGSC 4386 STEM Methodologies РDesign and carry out independent inquiries employing the tools used by scientists and mathematicians. Three credit hours.

Beginning in Fall 2014

SCED 3384 Classroom Interactions - Apply theoretical and practical frameworks to analyze various instruction activities, focus on content development through teacher-student, student-student, and group interactions. Three credit hours.

IGSC 4388 Functions and Modeling РEngage in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand your knowledge of secondary mathematics topics. Three credit hours. ** For Math Majors Only

SCED 4387 Project Based Instruction РDesign, implement and evaluate authentic learning processes (challenge-based, problem-based, project-based, etc.). Three credit hours.

Beginning in Spring 2015

SCED 4689 Apprentice Teaching – Engage in an intensive, culminating experience that equips UALRTeach students with the tools needed for their first teaching experience