Course Information

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Below is a list of courses required for science and math majors to complete a minor in education.

Currently offered:

IGSC/SCED 1101 Step 1: Inquiry Teaching (FYC) – An introduction to the theory and practice necessary to design and deliver quality inquiry-based science and mathematics instruction that provides the scaffold for the early field experience. In this one hour credit course, the UALRTeach instructor or master teacher and the elementary school mentor teacher emphasize both inquiry and classroom management techniques. (qualifies as a Freshman Experience Course) One credit hour.

IGSC/SCED 1102 Step 2: Inquiry Lesson Design – This course (Step 2) continues the exploration of teaching careers in a middle school environment that began in SCED/IGSC 1101 (Step 1). In this one- hour credit course, students observe a lesson taught by a middle school mentor teacher, and then plan and teach three inquiry- based middle school lessons with a partner. One credit hour.

SCED 3383 Knowing and Learning – Prerequisites or Co-requisites: SCED/IGSC 1102 and admission to the secondary education minor for science and mathematics. The goal of this course is to develop a powerful tool kit of approaches to knowing and learning in mathematics and science. This course focuses on issues of what it means to learn and know science and mathematics. Topics covered will include: structures for knowing and learning, cross-disciplinary learning, concepts of assessment, and utilities of technology. 10 hour field requirement. Three credit hours.

SCED 4385 Perspectives in Math and Science – Prerequisites: SCED 3383 Knowing and Learning and admission to the secondary education minor for science and mathematics. Perspectives on Science and Mathematics illustrates how knowledge has often emerged through many struggles, against obstinate resistance, and within cultural, religious, and social structures. Three credit hours. (Offered during SPRING Only)

IGSC 4386 STEM Methodologies – Prerequisites: SCED/IGSC 1102 and admission to the secondary education minor for science and mathematics. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Methodologies provides UALRTeach candidates with the tools that scientists use to solve scientific problems; gives candidates the opportunity to use these tools in a laboratory setting; makes candidates aware of how scientists communicate with each other through peer-reviewed scientific literature; and enables candidates to understand how scientists develop new knowledge and insights, the most important of which are eventually presented in textbooks and taught in conventional science classes. Three credit hours.

SCED 3384 Classroom Interactions – Prerequisites: SCED/IGSC 1102 grade of C or greater and admission to the secondary education minor for science and mathematics. An important focus of the course is on building awareness and understanding social equity issues and their effects on learning. Candidates are provided with frameworks for teaching students of diverse backgrounds equitably. Classroom Interactions is centered around a close examination of the interplay between teachers, students, and content, and how such interactions enable students to develop deep conceptual understanding. Three credit hours.

MATH 4388 Functions and Modeling – Engage in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand your knowledge of secondary mathematics topics. Three credit hours. ** For Math Majors Only

SCED 4387 Project Based Instruction – Prerequisites: SCED/IGSC 1102 grade of C or better and admission to the secondary education minor for science and mathematics. Recommended prerequisite courses: SCED 3383 and SCED 3384. Through a dynamic process of investigation and collaboration and using the same processes and technologies that scientists, mathematicians, and engineers use, candidates work in teams to design a technology rich, project based unit, based on current state standards . Three- credit hours (Offered in Fall Only)

SCED 4689 Apprentice Teaching – Apprentice Teaching is comprised of field experience, teaching in local public secondary schools, and a weekly seminar, which brings apprentice teachers together with university master teachers to share experiences and work on solutions to problems they encounter in the field. Six credit hours