Future Students

Do you have a passion for science or math? Explore teaching as a career with UALRTeach. This innovative teacher preparation program offers students a chance to explore the teaching profession with little class time and financial commitment.

UALRTeach’s mission is to attract the brightest math and science majors to minor in education and become licensed, highly-qualified teachers in just four years. 

One degree: unlimited opportunities

UALRTeach is designed to assist students in becoming licensed to teach mathematics or science without adding any additional time to their proposed degree. Students are encouraged to begin the UALRTeach program their first semester of their freshman year.

Want to Know More?

To find out more on how to get certified to teach high school math or science, come by the UALRTeach office located in ETAS 101, or call 501-683-7750, or complete the UALRTeach Information Form to make an appointment. You can also CLICK HERE for more information about UALRTeach and the UTeach Institute.