Mentor Teachers

UALRTeach is looking for mentor teachers!

Elementary and Middle/Jr. High School math and/or science teachers who engage their students using real-world, problem-based lessons are needed to mentor prospective teachers.

UALRTeach Mentor Teacher Expectations:

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  • Provide UALRTeach teachers with lesson topics and lesson objectives
  • Supervise UALRTeach teachers in the classroom
  • Assume primary responsibility for classroom management
  • Promptly complete a short feedback form about each lesson taught
  • Use email on a regular basis for communication

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UALRTeach wishes to be a resource center for Central Arkansas teachers. We provide science and math curriculum, teaching and content support and resources for the K-12 educator. The UALRTeach staff is highly trained and available for presentations throughout Central Arkansas. Contact us at, UALRTeach Information Form or 501.683.7750 for more information.

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