Frequently, the Office of Finance and Administration receives questions about employee travel, student travel, and travel accident insurance coverage. This page will provide an overview of the steps that should be taken when an employee or student group travels on official UALR business or a sponsored trip, to ensure coverage by travel accident insurance.

Authorization to Operate a Motor Vehicle

Any employee or student operating a motor vehicle on official business or a sponsored trip, must be age 18 or older and complete an Authorization to Operate a Motor Vehicle form. (A guest of state operating a university-owned vehicle or a vehicle rented from our state contract must also be authorized to drive and complete the form.) This form acts as a release to permit UALR to check the driving record and is in compliance with the University of Arkansas System Vehicle Safety Program. Any driver found to have an unacceptable record will not be allowed to drive.

Incidents which would deem a person as having an unacceptable driving record could include having excessive driving points (10+), a suspended or revoked driver’s license, a DWI offense, or lack of liability insurance.

The authorization form should be submitted to the Office of Finance and Administration with a legible copy of a driver’s license at least 10 calendar days prior to the travel date, to ensure enough time for the driving record check.

Once the driving record is received, a representative of the Office of Finance and Administration will inform the sponsor(s) or department head(s) of eligibility to drive on behalf of UALR.

Employee Travel

University policy states that employees traveling on behalf of UALR should have an approved Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA) on file. This authorization will also include any “estimated” expenses that will be incurred while traveling.

When traveling on official business, employees are covered under the university’s travel accident insurance policy as long as a TA form is on file. Even if the employee does not intend to claim expenses for reimbursement, the TA form must be completed and the box “No Cost – UALR Insurance Only” should be checked. Travel accident insurance only covers employees during actual time while operating a vehicle on official business.

Student Group Insurance

Often students travel off-campus to represent the university or for an academic learning experience. It is important that proper procedures are followed to ensure that the employees and students are covered by travel accident insurance, as follows:

  • Verify that any student or employee who plans to drive at any time during the trip (whether it is a personal car, a rental car, or a UALR fleet vehicle), has an Authorization to Operate a Motor Vehicle form on file, is authorized to drive, and is at least 18 years old.
  • Complete a Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA) form for each employee who will be driving on the trip, which ensures coverage under the employee travel accident insurance policy. If no expense reimbursements will be submitted, then the box “No Cost – UALR Insurance Only” should be checked.
  • Secure authorization for the trip by completing a Class Trip Authorization form. Once the appropriate signatures have been obtained, the form should be filed with the Office of Finance and Administration for final authorization.
  • Student travel accident insurance through UALR should be purchased for all students traveling on official business or to a sponsored event. This insurance is purchased when the Class Trip Authorization form is filed with the Office of Finance and Administration at the rate of .60 per student, per day, for vehicle travel and .80 per day for travel by airplane. The department or student organization will be back charged for the insurance expense following completion of the trip. Student travel accident insurance covers students from the beginning to the end of the trip, not only while traveling in a vehicle.

The above information is only a quick overview of employee and student travel accident insurance. If there are travel insurance questions that fall outside the scope of what has been provided above, please contact the Office of Finance and Administration at 501.569.3202 and someone will assist in providing an answer based on your individual circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: Driver authorization will be verified before a TA is approved.