Travel FAQ


Q. The policy is applicable if “the university will benefit from the representation in a substantial manner.” How does one determine if this is the case? Are there some examples of trips that would fall under this? Are there examples of some that wouldn’t?

A. Examples of this would include attending conferences when a department or registered student organization expressly asks you to go, attending a field trip in connection with a class as a class, and running errands specifically related to the mission of the university on behalf of a faculty or staff member. Some examples of travel that do not fall under this would include personal conference travel, travel to social activities (such as a formal dance in Little Rock), or running personal errands on behalf of a faculty or staff member.

Q. I am a student attending a conference on my own and am paying all my expenses to go to this conference. Do I need to follow this policy, and if so, why?

A. If you are choosing to attend a conference on your own (ex: you have an interest in biology and choose to go to a biology symposium on your own), you do not need to follow this policy. As mentioned above, if a registered student organization or campus department has expressly asked you to go, even if you are paying out of your pocket, you need to follow this policy.

Q. I am a student employee and need to run an errand as a part of my job. Does this policy apply to me?

A. If you are being paid for the trip, this policy does not apply to you. The university already has policies and procedures in place for employee travel.

Q. I am a graduate assistant and I travel frequently on behalf of my department. Am I responsible for adhering to this policy?

A. No, graduate assistants are covered under the same policies that cover faculty/staff travel.


Q. I have completed the Authorization to Operate a Motor Vehicle form and have submitted it. How do I find out if I am eligible to drive on behalf of the university? How long is the form good for? Do I need to fill one out for each trip I make?

A. A representative of the Office of Finance and Administration will notify the sponsor(s) or department head(s) of your eligibility to drive on behalf of UALR, who will in turn notify you. You only need to fill out the form once yearly. Students driving for more than one group should list all such groups and the groups sponsor(s) on the same form.

Q. If I am a sponsor and I am going on a trip with my students, why is it necessary for someone here in Little Rock to have copies of emergency contact information?

A. Should an accident occur while in route to your destination, for example, then the dean of students’ office would have someone to contact should any of that information be needed.

Q. Who should sign as my Travel Administrator on TA’s, TR-1’s, and Special Meeting Forms?

A. The travel administrator will be your respective chancellor, vice chancellor, athletic director, dean, or associate vice chancellor. These positions may assign signatory authority to others but only if in writing and directly presented to Procurement Services. In no case can the traveler and the travel administrator be the same person.

Q. Who should sign as the Travel Supervisor?

A. Travel supervisors are the travel delegates in Procurement Services (LaVonne Colwell) for travel authorizations or in Accounts Payable (Lanita Shepherd) for travel reimbursements.

Q. Who is a Guest of State?

A. Guests of state are visiting persons that are NOT employees of the State of Arkansas whether at UALR or any other institution or department of the state. Students can be considered guests of state. Meals for the guest of state are NOT subject to federal per diem meal limits but accompanying state or federal employees are.


Q. I am an advisor for an RSO making a trip next month. What exactly are my responsibilities under this policy?

A. Your primary responsibility is to make sure that the students going on the trip are aware of the policy, have read it, and are taking the necessary steps to comply with it. In addition, you may need to facilitate the purchasing of the travel accident insurance.


Q. How exactly do I purchase student travel accident insurance and how much does it cost?

A. Student travel accident insurance is purchased when the Class Trip Authorization Form is filed with the Office of Finance and Administration. We will need a list of the students who will be participating in the class trip along with their student ID numbers attached to the Class Trip Authorization form. The cost of the insurance is .60 per student, per day, for vehicle travel and .80 per day for travel by airplane. The department or student organization will be back charged for the insurance expense following completion of the trip.

Q. What does student travel accident insurance cover?

A. Student travel accident insurance covers students for accidents incurred from the beginning to the end of the trip, not only while traveling in a vehicle. Students are also covered when traveling internationally, although they must purchase additional insurance that will cover evacuation in case of injury. Contact Allyson Douglass at the Office of International Services, 501.683.7566, for further information.

Q. How do I, as an employee, ensure I am covered on the university travel accident insurance when traveling on behalf of UALR?

A. When traveling on official UALR business employees are provided limited coverage under the university’s travel accident insurance as long as a TA form is on file. Even if the employee will not claim expenses for reimbursement, the TA form must be completed and the “No Cost – UALR Insurance Only” box checked.

Q. I am an employee and will be traveling internationally on university business. Will I be covered under the university’s travel accident insurance?

A. Yes. Employees traveling internationally on university business are covered under the travel accident insurance policy. However, there are exclusions and it is suggested that you contact the Office of Finance and Administration ( or 501.569.3202) or Risk Management ( or 501.686.2940) for further clarification.