The Staff

Our writing assistants are your fellow students who have experienced many of the same writing challenges you are facing. When you approach an assistant to talk about your writing, we call this a conference.

A conference will help you explore ways to improve your overall writing skills. The intern will focus on improving your understanding and use of the writing process as a whole, not just the paper in front of you. Our goal is to help you improve your current paper, as well as the next, and so on into your career.

We will talk with you about whatever stage of the writing process you are working on. However, we won’t do your work or your writing for you. From brainstorming to editing, our goal is to help you improve your writing for the long term. Our feedback is designed and intended to help you better understand how to improve your writing so that you can apply what you have learned to future writing assignments.

Writing Center assistants will:

  • Help you learn to word process
  • Help you understand your assignment and your instructor’s expectations
  • Read your work at any stage
  • Provide constructive feedback on your writing
  • Discuss ways to make your writing more clear and effective
  • Offer guidance with organization
  • Help you identify error patterns and teach you how to correct your errors
  • Be honest and sincere
  • Offer encouragement and support
  • Give constructive feedback on your writing

Writing Center assistants will not:

  • Take responsibility for any stage of your paper
  • Proofread or edit a paper for you
  • Type a paper for you
  • Grade your paper or do written evaluations

Allison Holland, director of the University Writing Center, oversees the center’s operations, strategic direction, and staffing. In addition, the University Writing Center employs graduate assistants to oversee day-to-day activities and to help student interns.

Writing Center assistants are required to follow a specific set of guidelines when having a conference with a client.