Our Philososphy

Strive to become a better writer, not simply to help the paper become a better paper.

Believe in growth – for yourself and others. Believe you are responsible for your own growth, but that you can interact synergistically to promote your growth.

Practice the silver rule – that is, there are no quick fixes.

Respond with a balance between courage and consideration; remember that you are in control of the situation.

Remember that you are the writer.

Attending to meaning.

—-  We care for our clients; we care about our clients. 
But we don’t take care of our clients.

—-  The University Writing Center (UWC) is not here to “do our own thing.”

—-  The UWC does not mimic whatever teachers have done – unless it’s thoroughly consistent with our principles and protocols.

A writer must have-

respect for the audience,

respect for the language,

respect for the truth.