Practice with -S and -ED Markers

Proofread the following sentences for problems with “-s” endings

1. The girl father was a doctor.

 He seem to be doing well.

3. The story illustrate how one man, Howard, overcame his physical handicap.

4. In most instance the people do not pay attention to his instructions.

5. Poe stories can be read in one sitting.

6. Al travel to South Carolina once every two weeks.

7. Whenever he get a chance, he like to speak French.

8. Though I am forty years old, many time I am called a “girl.”

9. The averaged farmer expenses have doubled in the past ten years.

10. The movie last only twenty minutes.

Proofread the following sentences for problems with “-ed” ending.

11. The film explore the question of term limits.

12. Old people are not respect in today’s world.

13. Steve locate his mother’s sister.

14. Many careers have open up in the medical field.

15. He believes I grad his paper last Thursday.

16. Ralph underestimate his need for rest.

17. Paula design her house to suit her particular needs.

18. Last fall when school start, our football team got new uniforms.

19. After jack notice his error, he correct it.

20. Pam must have been want at home yesterday.