8 February 2012

Get the 411 on Inclement Weather

posted by Meaghan Milliorn

Even though we’ve had spring-like weather lately and the idea of snow might seem like an impossibility, February has historically been a snowy month for Little Rock. In fact, last year during this exact week, UALR was closed for snow. So, it could still happen.

With that said, I wanted to remind you of UALR’s inclement weather policy. There are two key things I want to point out.

First, UALR does not follow the decisions made by LRSD or PCSSD. The university previously followed whatever decision the district made, but since January 2011, UALR has made its own choice regarding cancelling classes or closing campus. This is important to remember.

Second, we have made it very easy for you to find out about any weather-related cancellation or closing. You don’t even have to get out of bed or turn on the tv and wait for the information to scroll by on the screen. You can find out about closings with just a phone-call or text straight to your phone. All you have to do is sign up for the free Campus Alert Messaging system. Whenever there is a weather-related closing, or other campus incident, a notification will be sent to your phone. The Campus Alerts site highlights more about the system and how it can help you stay safe and informed.

Last year, it was nice to just check my phone and see the text message saying campus was closed. I didn’t have to turn on the tv and wonder. It was the most convenient way to stay informed.

So, how do you sign up? It’s easy! The directions are here, but basically you just sign up in BOSS under the Personal Information section. You can choose to receive text and/or call alerts. If at any point you no longer want to receive the alerts, there is an opt-out choice on that form.

The service is free, but your cell phone carrier may apply standard charges, so check with them if you’re unsure.

If you choose to not sign up, you can still find out about closings on the homepage, the university’s main telephone number (501-569-3000), the official Facebook and Twitter accounts, and local television and radio stations.

And as much as I enjoy this warm weather, having a snow day where I can make one of these would be nice.

2 Responses to “Get the 411 on Inclement Weather”

  1. That last snowman looks like a character from a Greek Tragedy.

  2. Mira says:

    sign me up for alerts!

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