16 February 2012

A Night of Inspiration

posted by Meaghan Milliorn

The following is written by Cynda Alexander, coordinator for Non-Traditional Student Programs.

Last night, the Office of Campus Life welcomed Hill Harper as the keynote speaker for Black History Month. Harper is an author and American film, television, and stage actor. Harper’s popularity rose on both the mainstream and independent film circuits, thanks to roles in “Beloved,” “Loving Jezebel,” “The Skulls,” and the independent drama, “The Visit,” where he starred as a prisoner dying of AIDS.

But perhaps his best-known role to date is that of coroner-turned-crime scene investigator Sheldon Hawkes on the TV show “CSI:NY.”

UALR was excited about welcoming Harper and hearing him discuss his second book, “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place,” about how to use wealth building as a tool for joy and fulfillment and placing money in its proper context.

More than 450 people showed up and were inspired by his message to redefine wealth and take responsibility for how our resources are used. He challenged the audience to apply the exercises he used to identify his own wealth factors and define and accomplish goals. Harper’s speech included his own personal anecdotes of his experiences of the revelations he had while writing this book.

After his inspiring speech, he graciously signed books and autographed cards for hundreds of people. He took this time to deliver his message personally to everyone that waited for an autograph.

At the end of the evening, he hung around with the remaining students for group photos and final words of inspiration.

UALR student Shara Buford summed it up best when she said this about Harper, “People like that have so much power when talking to young people because we like to hear someone else’s voice besides our parents. It isn’t every day that we get to interact with people like him who have so much to teach us. To say the least, last night was truly an inspiration.”

The Office of Campus Life looks forward to welcoming more inspiring and friendly speakers like Hill Harper. To find out what the office has planned for the rest of the year and to see more pictures from the event, visit their Facebook page.

4 Responses to “A Night of Inspiration”

  1. KJ says:

    Hill Harper is one cool dude; especially since he stayed longer then intended to sign mostly everyone’s autograph.

  2. Thanks for sharing the experience, Cynda. I didn’t get to come, but I wish I could have.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Hill Harper’s motivational speech. His message to young people was awesome and inspiring. I ordered one of his books online the next day. Looking forward to reading my book and placing some of his guidelines to success in my everyday life and future goals.

  4. Chicketta Jackson says:

    I really enjoyed Hill Harper, I had no idea of all his accomplishments. I thought that he was just an African-American actor on television. He did a very good job motivating the young adults to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals.

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