11 April 2012

Track that Trolley!

posted by Meaghan Milliorn

We are very excited about our new trolley tracking system that uses real-time GPS. Now you no longer have to wonder where the trolley is or if you have enough time to finish writing that paper (or hit the snooze button again) before it arrives.

The tracking system can be accessed in three ways: online, through a mobile app, and through texts.

The online system can be found at ualr.edu/trolley. It lets you see where the trolleys are and the arrival times for each stop. Take a look at the tracker here.

If you only want to look at a particular route, just un-select the other one on the left toolbar.

iPhone and Android users can download the free Ride Systems mobile app. First-time users should select UALR from the list of available schools. The app allows you to select one route to view at a time.

If you don’t have a smartphone, or just prefer a quick text, you can take advantage of the simple text messaging system. Each trolley stop has been assigned an ID. Text this ID to 41411 and you’ll receive a text letting you know when the next trolley will arrive.

I played around with the texts and it only took about two seconds for me to receive the arrival information. Not bad!

The list of stops and corresponding ID’s are below:

Maroon Route and ID

UALR M1……Donaghey Student Center
UALR M2……South Oaks
UALR M3……Coleman Place
UALR M4……University Plaza Breezeway
UALR M5……University Drive at Lot 5

Silver Route and ID

UALR S1……Donaghey Student Center
UALR S2……Lot 10 West Hall
UALR S3……Lot 14
UALR S4……Lot 13 Stephens Center
UALR S6……Fine Arts

So try out this new, easy tracking system and let us know what you think! I have a feeling this will make catching the trolley a lot easier and will save you some time

One Response to “Track that Trolley!”

  1. Mel says:

    This is great. The only problem with the trolley system was wondering if you had enough time to wait on it and still make it to class on time. Problem solved!

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