1 August 2012

Don’t Leave Home Without It

posted by Meaghan Milliorn

Now is the time when college students and their parents are busy finding the right things to fill that new dorm room. I spoke to Rikki Turner, assistant director for residence life, and asked her what are some of the top items students should remember to bring. Take a look at her list as you figure out what you’ll need to bring to your new home.

The following items are great to have if you’ll be living in West Hall. East Hall and the apartments would have a slightly different list, as there might not be a need for a mini-fridge and you’d want more than just baking supplies.

Mini-fridge: This is nice to have in the room if you like to keep your drinks/snacks close and handy. There is a large refrigerator in the common area but I would only use it for things you don’t mind sharing with the others on your floor. Although, if you do choose to share your snacks, it might be a quick way to make some new friends.

Cleaning supplies: Broom, mop, dustpan, cleaners, sponge, etc. There are monthly room inspections and you’d be surprised how many people do not come with essential cleaning items!

Laptop: While iPads and tablets are super convenient and fun, it is much easier to type up a paper on an actual computer. There are resources available in the library and around campus if you do not wish to bring one, but it will make your life easier if you do have one!
(And make sure to engrave your T# on your expensive electronics.)

Lockbox: If you have things you don’t want your roommate or guests to see or if you have valuables that you couldn’t bear with turning up missing, bring something to lock that stuff up in!

Dry-erase markers: You will have a dry erase board outside your room. How will people leave you messages without a marker?! And, if you want to leave others messages, you’ll be prepared!

Door stop: One of the fastest ways to get to know others on your floor is to leave your door open! People walking by will want to come see how you’ve decorated, what you are doing, or just who you are!

Lanyard: If you lose your key it is expensive to replace. Bring a lanyard to put your room keys on so you don’t have to pay $75 to replace it.

Baking utensils: Baking sheets, cake pan, cupcake pan, Pyrex, etc. If you want to utilize those wall ovens, you need to bring the
supplies to do it! Want a quick way to make friends?
Make them cookies!

Laundry basket/cart: You will be doing your own laundry now so come prepared! The rolling carts are the most useful.

Deodorant/Toothbrush: Because… well… you know…

Bedding/Decorations: This is your space so make it look like it! Get with your roommate and come up with a color scheme. Bring a throw rug! Grab some curtains (hung with a tension rod). Make this place your home, because let’s face it, it is now!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Student Housing. Now, go get shopping!

2 Responses to “Don’t Leave Home Without It”

  1. Oyun says:

    Dorm life is not easy. More you are prepared, better you live.

  2. Medula says:

    I think these are valuable tips. Thanks for sharing.

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