30 August 2012

First Week is in the Books

posted by Jennifer Godwin

And what a week it’s been! The campus is abuzz with activity, just as we like it.

Instead of telling you how much fun it was, we’ll show.

These videos were created by the very talented Benny Scroggins over in Campus Life.

Welcome to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock! The convocation ceremony marks the beginning of students’ academic journey, providing them an opportunity to assemble as a class and – with the drama and regalia of the academic processional and recessional – foreshadow their graduation celebration.

Welcome Week 2012 kicked into gear with free food, school supplies, and caricatures by Jim Tindall at the Back to School Bash.

Wild River Country, August 22, 2012. This event was just one of many Opening Week and Welcome Week events enjoyed by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock community.

8 Responses to “First Week is in the Books”

  1. Patti Jo White says:

    Great videos!! Best wishes for a great school year!

  2. Makes me want to be 17 again! Good job!

  3. Kasandra Barker says:

    Hello students: UALR’s future grads and alumni- No matter how many miles or years fall between the present and my ’11 Graduation,”Welcome Home” will always be so appropriate for me. May it be for you as well. Best wishes in your educational endeavors.

  4. Swati says:

    great video !!! I miss the campus life

  5. Klansee j. Tozer says:

    Great videos Benny!! You captured the excitement and fun of university campus life! :)

  6. Kim Fox says:

    What a way to start the semester!
    Good job everyone.

  7. Ernesta says:

    Kim, that would be a great way to finish it too!

  8. brenda glover says:

    very good videos

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