12 September 2012

All in a Day’s Work

posted by Jennifer Godwin

It could have wound up being a Sisyphean feat when the Office of Communications decided to bring 14 graduates to campus for one frenetic day of interviews, photo shoots, and video for our Grads @ Work campaign.

The mission was explained simply enough: Line up times for our alums to arrive, sit in hair and makeup, mug for the camera, and get interviewed with the tape rolling. But x14? It had to go like clockwork. How it all transpired that day followed pretty closely to that agenda, thanks to a hefty dose of teamwork (props to Robin for her before-the-big-day organization).

Although, in the thick of it, it did feel a little like this:

Our latest Grads @ Work were an energetic and open bunch. We were moved to laughter and tears, often in the same interview.

There’s Lupe, who knew as a child in California that she was destined to be a teacher. Barb and Richard went back to school and found careers that speak to their passion – helping others. While it took Stephen and Chris a little longer to find their place, once they did, there has been no stopping them in the tech field.

It was such a joy to hear their stories, and we welcome the many other Grads @ Work out there with their own UALR stories to share. So keep ’em coming!

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  1. E Okul says:

    I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for sharing.

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