24 September 2012

Top 10: The App Edition

posted by Jennifer Godwin

Chances are, some of you are reading this on a mobile device in between a Words With Friends game and checking your bank account. Smartphones have become ubiquitous, and technology has come a looooooong way since the Zack Morris phone (yeah, I went there).

We can do a lot with this little gadget, from balancing a budget to turning into amateur auteur.  And has there ever been an easier way to win a trivia argument? The applications are endless, as anyone browsing iTunes or Google Play can attest. So to save you the trouble of searching for the best apps, here’s a list of favorites from a select group of tech-minded people on campus (and elsewhere):

10 Mixel – So you’ve got Instagram. Good for you. Now get Mixel, which lets you take those photos and turn them into magazine-worthy collages.

9 Waze – A crowdsourced traffic and navigation app that will tell you where to avoid driving if there is a snag or accident. Also shows gas prices!

8 iReddit – If you are a fan of the website Reddit, then iReddit is the natural next step. For those unfamiliar with Reddit, it compiles the best of the world wild web. Lots of humor, lots of snark, lots to love.

7 Pocket – Once upon a time, this app was called Read It Later. Which is exactly what it does – save anything you find online to look at later.

6 WWF – We know what you just thought. But it’s Word With Friends, only the most addictive game that is also educational.

5 WeatherBug – This app is a must-get for the alerts, which are fast and sharable.

4 DropBox – How did we ever live without this? Store photos, videos, documents to access anywhere.

3 MyFitnessPal – One of the best calorie counters out there (what Freshman 15?). It’s got more than 1.8 million foods stored in its database. If a food isn’t on the list, this app lets you scan the barcode to add the info. Bonus: Exercises, goals and reports.

2 Evernote – A life-improving app if there ever was one. Take notes, create to-do lists, record audio, save webpages and Tweets.

1 UALR Mobile – (Shameless plug) It’s pretty handy, from the map and trolley tracker to the library and directory. Those who were using the standalone Blackboard Learn app can find it (and more) in UALR Mobile.

4 Responses to “Top 10: The App Edition”

  1. Tim says:

    Evernote is amazing! Another great app is timeRAZOR. It helps you keep track of local events, places to go, and things to do. It’s got a pretty good lineup of stuff in our state. It’s available for both iPhones and Androids.

  2. Monica says:

    I gotta agree with Tim, evernote really is a great app! I love it! and use it all the time..

  3. Jason says:

    I like all these mentioned in this post, these apps are the tools for mobile socialization.

  4. Kamal Faizal says:

    I’ve been using Instagram for quite some time and it’s my first time hearing Mixel. Well, this app isn’t that famous in my country. This app seems great. I would give it a try and share it to my friend.

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