15 October 2012

Dress for Success: A Photo Tutorial

posted by Jennifer Godwin

No offense to Woody Allen, but we think 80 percent of life is showing up in the right outfit. At Career Connections Day on Oct. 17, you’ll want to dress for success. To do that, you’ll need to dress to impress the more than 40 employers that will be in attendance.

So let’s go over what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do, shall we?

Suit Up

You don’t have to go all Barney, but a pressed suit with simple accessories that fit your personality will take you far. Stick with a muted palette (black is flattering on everyone).


Photo courtesy of Paul G

But … a word to the wise:

Hang up those jeans

They’ll be fine without you for this one day, we promise.

Image courtesy of Mariano Colantoni

Trade that onesie in for a 3-piece suit

Yes, it’s soooo comfortable. But it’s soooo not professional.

Guy in pajamas

Image courtesy of Champion of Cheese

Leave the Ballcap Behind (and the Tank)

They can keep the jeans company.

Tank top and hat

Image courtesy of Matt Hobbs

Save Your Club Look for the Club

Image courtesy of Nathan Rupert

When overdressed = underdressed.

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