5 April 2013

Advice from the App Evangelist

posted by Jennifer Godwin

Microsoft Student Developer Evangelist Alec Crow is spreading the good word about app development with us. And yes, that’s his real job title! The 21st century is becoming increasingly mobile. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and many people have even started replacing their computers with tablets. As the number of mobile devices grows, so does the market for new applications and games.

One of the biggest steps into this app-centric world has been the release of Windows 8. Microsoft’s latest OS combines the power of a desktop with the functionality of a tablet. This is great for app developers because their applications are no longer limited to mobile platforms, which means more app downloads and more profits!

Windows 8 is also the easiest platform to develop apps for. For the coders, Windows 8 supports apps developed in HTML, CSS & Javascript, XAML & C#, or XAML & C++. This gives developers a much broader range of tools when creating their apps and allows them to choose which language they’d rather work with. The Visual Studio and Blend environments also make developing a breeze.

But if you aren’t a coder, don’t let that scare you off! Because of Windows 8’s support for HTML and Javascript, there have been several programs built that allow developers to create apps without ever having to code! One example is Scirra’s Construct 2, which offers a simple way to create fun games.

Egg Catch game

Our event will be featuring apps built with both platforms. You can either choose to work with code in Visual Studio or stick to the easier interface provided by Construct 2. Either way, we will have easy-to-follow templates that allow you to build and publish an app in under an hour.

The coolest part about this offer though is that not only will you be able to learn how to develop apps and get them published to the store, but you can also earn $100 for every application accepted — up to $1,500! Where else can you earn $100 for an hour of work!? We will also have a lot of other awesome prizes to give away, such as T-shirts, XBox & PC games, Microsoft Store gift cards, a Nokia Lumia 920, and even a Windows Tablet!

Think this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you? Join us Saturday, April 6, or Sunday, April 7, and we will help you get you get started and get an app in the market! You can bring your own laptop, which we can set up for you with everything you need, or you can reserve one of our lab computers. If you would like, you can register at the below links:

Saturday: uarlcash4apps.eventbrite.com

Sunday: ualrcash4apps2.eventbrite.com

2 Responses to “Advice from the App Evangelist”

  1. Amy says:

    Where is this event located?

  2. engelia soei says:

    Windows 8? I just have installed windows 7 ultimate. But Seems like windows 8 better than the previous version.

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