22 April 2013

Earth Day dandies

posted by Jennifer Godwin

Celebrating Earth Day (now in its 43rd year) is as much about education as it is about tree hugging, which makes for a perfect fit at a university.

At UALR, a raft of activities have taken place leading up to the big day, from a Coleman Creek Litter pick-up to a garden and compost day. (For more on how to make every day Earth Day, head over to the Committee on Sustainability.)

Today, the UALR Forum hosted its second annual Recycled Newspaper Fashion Show, which featured 10 students sporting the lastest in recyclable style.

The fashions ran the gamut, from hastily constructed to MOMA-worthy. We’ll leave it to you to determine which is which.

UALR Earth Day 2013

UALR Earth Day 2013UALR Earth Day 2013

3 Responses to “Earth Day dandies”

  1. Klansee j. Tozer says:

    What a fun event! Very cute and creative designs!!

  2. wow cool, I strongly support your event. I am among those who love to plant trees, I hope you stay awake around the tree.

    nice to meet you dear Jennifer Godwin

  3. D'wann Ventry says:

    I had fun at this event last week. It was very creative and useful to the UALR community! My favorite one is the short flower dress with the umbrella but overall, great job on all outfits and props! GOOD JOB, Trojans!

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