30 July 2013

Why we love working here

posted by Jennifer Godwin
Recently, UALR showed up on the Arkansas Times Best of Arkansas list as one of the top places to work in the state. We’re not surprised – we come to work at a beautiful campus filled with the most fascinating people on a mission we believe in wholeheartedly. But let’s not stop here. We asked around and got these responses:

“Working on the UALR campus gives me a sort of revolving energy. I love working in an educational environment with a constant flow of new, current, and graduating students! I love the opportunity to be a change agent for future generations of leaders.”
– Louis Scivally, Recruiter

“I’m an ‘excitement junkie’ and I just love that UALR provides plenty of variety and learning to keep me intellectually stimulated. In one day’s time I might speak with a fresh-faced young scholar and future leader, or a professor who is researching accessibility issues for the blind, or a staff member who is making a true effort to help a student leave school with little or no debt and graduate on time. It is those kind of things that make my job such a pleasure.”
– Keli Jacobi, Senior Writer

“It is deeply meaningful. I am respected and valued for who I am and what I do. My colleagues are kind and caring. Staff and faculty are supportive and awesome. These kind of workplaces are rare and I feel blessed. The benefits are plentiful–holiday time off, sick leave, and vacation leave. The opportunity to help students obtain their educational goals is rewarding as well.”
– Sylvester Cartwright, Data Central Manager
Robin Mizell with the UALR mascot, Trojan Man
“I get to help promote bright futures with promising careers.”
– Robin Mizell, Associate Director of Communications

“UALR shows that it believes in the quality of education that it administers by hiring its graduates! I am an alumni of the Masters or Arts in Higher Education program and I was trained by UALR to assist students as they progress to graduation. UALR didn’t train me to go put my ideas to use someplace else, rather I am being used as a resource to the City of Little Rock and the State of Arkansas. I love working here because I feel like I am supported and someone believed in the good that I could accomplish.”
– Arrayon Farlough, Testing Coordinator

“While most people would say money or benefits, my reasons for working here are closer to my heart. Working at UALR allows me to indulge in what I love while knowing that I make a difference in the way that students interact with the campus. If I go home at night knowing that I may be helping someone, even in a small way succeed and find their own passion – thats my definition of ‘doing what you love.'”
-Derrick Koon UX/UI Developer

“I’ve worked in the library for more than 30 years. Every day I get to teach something new to a student and every day a student teaches me something new. That’s lifelong learning.”
– Linda Stipsky, Library Reference Assistant
Klansee Tozer with the bus wrap she designed for Freedom Riders
“I LOVE working at UALR because I get to be creative!”
– Klansee Tozer, Graphic Designer

“I get paid to brag about how awesome UALR is. After meeting with the faculty and staff on campus, I can honestly say that bragging is easy. I believe that everyone here cares about our students and that makes my job very enjoyable. On top of this, the level of professionalism shown by all faculty and staff is excellent, even when stress levels are high. All of this combined with the fact that my supervisors care about me as a person not just an employee makes UALR a great place to work.”
– Jared Jacks, Recruitment Coordinator

“I love working at UALR for a number of reasons. The students here are unique and fantastic. The staff here are also very open, encouraging, and welcoming. Having great staff to work with and great students to work for makes this the best place to work!”
– Rikki Turner, Assistant Housing Director

“I truly love the benefits and encouraged educational advancement opportunities offered here at UALR.  After leaving State employment of 13 years and going to the private sector for the last 16 years – with each job dissolving due to the economy – I am very thankful to regain my title as a ‘State Employee’ with true job security. Also, my co-workers are the best group of individuals who are true ‘team workers’ with positive work ethics and very enjoyable to be around eight hours a day, five days a week.”
– Val Abrams, Administrative Specialist

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    happy summer from Polina i am in Korea with our teacher, Brenda

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    This blog is really good and inspirational…….
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