9 September 2013

Ph.D. style

posted by adm_jcg22

Fatih Sen, a Ph.D. student at UALR, spends his days (and many nights) doing the typical work of a doctoral student – research, data collection, writing, research, data collection, writing, research … you get the idea. He decided to inject a little levity into that process with a parody video.

How did you come up with the idea?
We were planning to shoot a short movie about our Ph.D. life, just for fun. We came across the Farmer Style video, which was one of the more famous Gangnam Style parody videos out there. I said, “We definitely need to shoot a Ph.D. version of that.” I shared the idea with my friend Debanjan, who is a Ph.D. student, too. He liked it and we made our decision.

We came up with an initial version of lyrics and ideas to shoot the video. Four people worked on the lyrics, which are based on the lifestyle of a Ph.D. student. I asked help from my friend Marcus Lowe, who is a Mass Communication student at UALR. He and his friend Craig Wynn helped us to shoot the video.What is the purpose of the video?

Why did you shoot it?
The main purpose of shooting the video was to add some fun to our day-to-day research life. Ph.D. life can sometimes become monotonous. It is always good to break that monotony and refresh oneself. The Ph.D. style video was just that.

Any future video plans?
We do have many funny video ideas regarding the lives of Ph.D. students, but you need to put in lots of effort and it takes so much time. So we prefer to focus on our studies for now.We would like to give our special thanks to Dr. Rolf Wigand, Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharya, Rachel Hoskins (UALR), Utsav Chatterjee (UALR), Jyoti Sharma (IITD), Payton Sullivan (UALR),  Meaghan Milliorn (Digital Strategy), UALR School of Mass Communication, and  the fine folks at the EIT building, and to all those who provided encouragement.

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  1. This is very funny. It shows the importance of PhD without taking it too serious. Job well done i suppose.

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