18 December 2013

Advice to grads: See more rocks

posted by Jennifer Godwin

See more rocks. That might be an unusual appeal to make to a crowd of soon-to-be college graduates, unless they were all budding geologists. But Dr. Beth McMillan’s point is that whatever the field, students must expand their options by gathering data and putting it all in a mental atlas.

Watch her inspirational speech:

Thanks to Drs. McMillan, Michael DeAngelis and Laura Ruhl for the photos.

Earth sciences students on a field trip










5 Responses to “Advice to grads: See more rocks”

  1. Klansee j. Tozer says:

    Awe, what a great speech! Congrats to our grads!

  2. adm_dak3 says:

    Absolutely love this…..

  3. James says:

    I was one of her students and she is serious about the rocks. Love her she is the best

  4. Amy McMillan says:

    Her mental atlas is one of those well worn, thick, heavy types. She’s seen alot of rocks! I know, because I’ve followed her around doing it since I was born!

  5. Steve Leslie says:

    Well done, Beth!

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