Songwriters Showcase – Featuring The Shadow Ensemble

Our showcase of local composers and student-written music continues into 2017 with special guests, The Shadow Ensemble!

Established in 2015, *The Shadow Ensemble* seeks to recreate the textures, sounds and ambiance of early silent film scores using a  combination of acoustic instruments, vintage electronic hardware and a variety of sonic novelties. Dabbling in both convention and experimentation, *The Shadow Ensemble’s* scores are a blend of “old” and “new,” creating a compelling, constantly evolving sound world. Specializing in early horror /  suspense / science fiction, *The Shadow Ensemble’s* performances find inspiration in the improvisational and experimental soundcraft of early silent film organists. Led by conductor and violinist Ryan Cockerham, the ensemble creates their original scores in real-time, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind performances which serve as direct, organic responses to the films themselves.

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Jess Porter – Know Your American Energy Booms: A Brief History of the 21st Century Shale Revolution

The United States is reprising its role as a global leader in hydrocarbon production as horizontal drilling and new methods of hydraulic fracturing have unleashed a torrent of American “tight” oil and natural gas on the global market. How does the “shale revolution” parallel or diverge from historic energy booms? This primer on recent energy development aims to provide the audience with a better understanding of the enabling technologies and the global impact of the shale revolution.

Refreshments and an informal atmosphere encourage the interchange of ideas. Refreshments are served at 7 p.m. and the talk begins at 7:30 p.m.

Subscribers to the series help support historical research. See the History Institute’s website for subscription information.

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