Graduation Information

Pictures of Graduates 

 To apply for graduation:

Complete and submit a graduation application online at for the semester you anticipate completing ALL your coursework.  Deadlines for graduation application are no later than the end of the sixth week of the fall or spring term and by the end of the second week of Summer II for summer graduation.

Please note… submission of a graduation application DOES NOT guarantee graduation.  You must meet all university and major requirements to receive your degree.

How graduation application are processed:

  • Your online application is automatically submitted to your major department where it is reviewed and submitted to the college dean’s office.  You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your application is being processed.
  • The application is reviewed by the dean’s office and submitted to Registration/Records.  You may view the application online at anytime during this process.  You should contact your major department about any issues you have with the application.
  • After grades are posted for the semester for which you applied, Registration/Records reviews the applications and clears students who have met all the requirements for graduation.  A notice is sent from Registration/Records with information about getting your diploma.
  • Applications for students with outstanding requirements listed on the graduation application are notified by Records/Registration that they did not graduate and must reapply for graduation.

Important facts you need to know about graduation:

  • Courses you are currently enrolled in are considered unmet requirements until you successfully complete them.
  • You will not graduate if there is no record of completion of ALL the requirements listed on your graduation application.
  • If you are taking or have taken courses at another school, you must request that a transcript with your final grade be sent to Registration/Records.
  • Transfer credits for which we have either not received a transcript or have not been posted on your UALR transcript will appear as uncompleted requirements on your graduation application.
  • A special exception form for all courses taken at other schools while you were enrolled at UALR must be in your file.
  • If you do not complete the requirements listed in the semester for which you applied, you must reapply for graduation.
  • Grade changes, transcripts not received, GPA deficiencies or course substitutions may hold up your graduation.

AND the most important thing…

  • DO NOT ASSUME THAT THINGS WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF AUTOMATICALLY.  If a requirements is listed on your graduation application, it means that we have no record of it and therefore it has not been met.

One last item:

  • Applying for graduation and participating in the commencement ceremony are two different functions.  You must apply for graduation in order to have your name listed in the program and you may participate in the ceremony without actually graduation.  This allowance has been made because grades are posted too close to the commencement date to allow timely check-out before commencement and also so that students completing their requirements in the summer may participate in the spring ceremony.