The following is the timeline for the reaccreditation process.

Event or Action Date
HLC Site Visit February 24-25, 2020
Assurance Argument Submitted January 27, 2020
Federal Compliance Report Submitted December 27, 2019
Policies/Plans/Procedures to Address all HLC Criteria,/Assumed
Practices/Federal Compliance Issues Completed
December 2019
All Department Websites Updated with Mission Statements/Learning Outcomes November 2019
Final QI Report Submitted August 2019
Public Comment Period Started August 2019
All Academic Programs’ Updated Assessment Report with at Least One Student Learning Outcome Completed May 2019
Decision Support System (QI) Completed to Facilitate Attainment of Strategic Objectives; Dashboards for University/College/Department Levels Completed November 2018
Updated Assessment Plan for All Academic Programs Completed May 2018
Working Comprehensive Assessment Plan Completed May 2018
Subcommittees’ Outline Assurance Argument/Federal Compliance Report Completed May 2017-

December 2019

UA Little Rock Updated Strategic Plan Completed April 2017