First Year Colloquium

First Year Colloquium courses are designed to help first year students transition into UA Little Rock.  As of Fall 2011, the First Year Colloquium is a graduation requirement for all entering, first-time, full-time freshman students and entering full-time freshmen transfers with fewer than 12 credit hours.  Students are encouraged to enroll their first semester:  If circumstances make it impossible their first semester, students are encouraged to take the course in the subsequent semester and by the end of their first academic year.

National Recognition
UA Little Rock’s First Year Colloquium course is recognized as a national model in preparing students to be successful in college and the community.  The course has been recognized by the prestigious Templeton Foundation and is included in The Templeton Guide: Colleges that Encourage Character.  Read more about the First Year Colloquium history, faculty senate legislation, and latest course offerings.

First Year Education Philosophy
UA Little Rock is committed to providing entering, first-year students with the most useful, engaging, and edifying experiences and classes possible.  Because we see the first year as foundational to the future success of students, we work to staff first-year classes as small as possible and to locate those classes in instructional and advising spaces that are not only comfortable and student-friendly, but also technologically up-to-date.  Believing that a quality first year must include: 1) excellent academic advising and orientation, 2) challenging and formative academic advising, orientation, and academic courses, and 3) a participation in a robust academic community, UA Little Rock strives to integrate its services and teaching in an effort to engage its entering students in the culture and work of academic life.  Such engagement, we believe, is essential to future academic and professional success, and to the retention and graduation of our students.

First Year Experience Course Objectives
The six learning objectives forming the paradigmatic vision of First Year Colloquium are:

  1. Awareness of the University
  2. Awareness of the learning partnership
  3. Active involvement in the community
  4. Strategic planning for personal development and growth
  5. Preparation for the future
  6. Sense of academic community & sense of belonging because of an awareness of and how to use all: academic support services, personal support services, community resources, and UA Little Rock publications.

First Year Experience PEAW 1300 Course Subject Matter & Deliver Methods
The First Year Experience PEAW 1300 curriculum includes interactive instructional methods that promote the development of critical thinking skills and positive educational values.  The three-part curriculum: (UA Little Rock 101, College Study Strategies, and Career Exploration) is delivered via a flipped classroom approach, guest speakers, engaging class discussions, group class activities, and individual class presentations.

Want To Teach A First Year Experience PEAW 1300 Course?

First Year Experience PEAW 1300 adjuncts serve as facilitators of learning for students admitted as first-time, full-time UA Little Rock freshmen.  Adjuncts refer students to appropriate support services on and off campus, continuously enhances instructional techniques to innovate curriculum, and deliver three curriculum units (UA Little Rock 101, College Study Strategies, and Career Exploration).

Regardless of students’ academic aptitude or preparation, adjuncts find teaching the First Year Experience PEAW 1300 course personally and professionally rewarding because they realize they have an opportunity to make the difference between success and failure in first year persistence!

If you are interested in teaching the First Year Experience PEAW 1300 course, email your resume to