Connect through Learning Communities

Why join a Learning Community?

Studies show that students in Learning Communities (LCs) develop friendships and become more engaged in the campus environment than non-LC members. This increased participation and network of support leads to higher grades and more satisfaction with the general college experience.

Consider these two LC options:

Trojan Explorers LC
Trojan Explorers is for those who have not selected a college major or have selected one but would still like to explore other options.

Trojan Soar LC
Trojan Soar is for those who would like to sharpen their reading and writing skills that are necessary for success in college.

What is a learning community?

In a nutshell, learning communities connect classroom learning with other students who share their academic goals and interests. These communities encourage partnerships between faculty and students, provide programs and activities specifically designed for each community, and create a support system that builds a strong foundation for student success.

Is there an additional cost of joining an LC?

No! There is no additional cost associated with joining a LC.

What if I have additional questions about an LC?

Contact Trojan Academic Advising and Support Center at 501-569-3386.