Who is My Advisor?

All degree-seeking undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester to register for classes.

To schedule your appointment: Identify and click your student status in the chart below.

To learn how to register for classes: Watch the Schedule Planner video tutorial (the quickest way to select classes and include study breaks in your schedule).

Click Your Student Status More Information
New or Returning to UA Little Rock Entering UA Little Rock for the first time in Summer/Fall 2018, transferring from another college or university, or returning after a two-year absence from UA Little Rock.
Continuing As of March 1, 2018, Currently attending or have attended within the last 2 years in UA Little Rock
Post-Baccalaureate Have already earned a bachelor’s degree but seeking to earn an additional bachelor’s degree. (Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are taking additional undergraduate courses for purposes other than seeking a second bachelor’s degree should consult the department offering the courses if questions.)
Visiting or Non-Degree Seeking Enrolled at another institution wanting to take UA Little Rock classes for a semester, or wish to enroll in UA Little Rock courses for personal enrichment or career development Advising Not Required
Graduate Student Have already earned a bachelor’s degree and plan to enroll in graduate courses Contact your program coordinator or email gradschool@ualr.edu