AEDI joins MDC’s Network for Southern Economic Mobility

AEDI joins MDC's Network for Southern Economic Mobility

AEDI in now on board Little Rock’s participation in the MDC’s Network for Southern Economic Mobility (NSEM). MDC, formerly known at Manpower Development Corp, helps organizations and communities to closed the gaps that separate people from opportunity. The NSEM project currently works with eight Southern communities including Little Rock.

From the NSEM website:

The South boasts centers of fast growth, technological innovation, and educational excellence. However, set against this economic vitality are the nation’s lowest mobility and highest poverty rates. By one calculation, more than 50 percent of Americans living in high poverty neighborhoods live in the South. The picture for Southern youth and young adults is especially stark: it is harder in the South than anywhere else in the U.S. for young people in the poorest households to move up the economic ladder as adults. For too many, high poverty schools and low postsecondary attainment, tenuous links with the labor market, the South’s historically low investment in human capital, and an overreliance on low-wage, low-skill jobs, translate into stalled upward economic mobility.

The Network for Southern Economic Mobility is a group of Southern communities committed to increasing upward economic mobility for youth and young adults in the lowest income bracket.

AEDI will assist NSEM Little Rock with demographic data and additional information as requested which will help the project move forward with the understanding of just who this 14 to 24 year-old population is in Little Rock.

For more information about AEDI’s participation contact Pam Willrodt at or (501) 569-8221.

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