Vision, Mission, and Strategic Initiatives


The Arkansas Economic Development Institute is the main asset for economic development information for communities and industry in Arkansas.


The mission of Arkansas Economic Development Institute is to provide research and strategies to state, community, and industry leaders to promote economic growth and enhance the quality of life in Arkansas.

Focus Areas

  • Public Information — utilizing the intellectual assets of the Institute to provide information to the public in general and others in the state.
  • Business Intelligence — provide data and the interpretation of the data for state and local officials and industry leaders for decision-making. Supporting and recommending appropriate business categories for specific communities based on assessment strengths, capabilities, and existing industries. This effort is a proactive process evaluating the issues that prevent economic growth.
  • Regional Assessment — regional forecasting, cooperation, engaging leadership, facilitation to increase community capacity for business retention and expansion.
  • Community Capacity — providing research and training for elected officials, chambers of commerce, and other economic development organizations to identify issues and weaknesses in their communities. Proactive education will provide consistency to these communities during leadership turnover.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Develop expertise and capacity to serve the state in the four focus areas of public information, business intelligence, regional assessment, and community capacity.
  • Develop partnerships to fulfill the mission of economic growth and quality of life in Arkansas.
  • Reorganize the Institute to better serve its constituents.
  • Develop a sustained and sufficient funding model for the unit.
  • Develop a marketing and communication plan to position the Institute in the economic development community.